How Much Money Can YouTubers Easily Make Online?

Although becoming a YouTuber seems like a lucrative online career, a lot of hard work and persistence goes into creating consistently engaging video content. Have you ever thought about how much YouTubers make online? If you have been curious about this question before, this blog post aims to answer it by providing rough statistics about the average income of a YouTuber and highlight the most effective methods used by YouTubers to make money by uploading videos online.

Becoming a YouTuber seems to be the easiest and most fun way to earn money. It seems like a dream to make millions simply by recording and uploading videos on an online platform.

If you believe that your creativity would be well received online and that you have sufficient knowledge about digital marketing in order to rise to popularity, you have what it takes to build a successful YouTube career.

How Much Money Can YouTubers Make Online?

Before knowing how much money YouTubers make on the platform, you must know the methods that they use in order maximise their online income. Some of the most basic ways to make money through YouTube are:

  • Display Ads
  • Membership Platforms
  • Merchandise Selling
  • Affiliate Marketing

However, all the above-mentioned methods do not provide the same kind of revenue. Each income method mentioned above has a different set of criteria that needs to be followed in order for it to actually make an impact. Some methods require a lower number of YouTube subscribers to start with, while others require more subscribers to increase revenue.

Here is a list of the monetization methods that are most popularly used by connoisseurs of the platform:

YouTube Partner Program

One of the common monetization methods used by YouTubers to make money online, beginners who are just starting with their online career on the platform can see this as a potential platform to gain an edge.

But, before you choose to apply to the YouTube Partner Program, your channel must clear the following eligibility criteria:

  • 1000 subscribers minimum
  • 400 hours of watch time

Adsense, the YouTube Partner Program, will only consider your application if it has crossed the above-mentioned threshold.

How Does the YouTube Partner Program Work?

Here is how YouTubers make money through the YouTube Partnership Program:-

Overlay Ads: These ads are generally displayed on desktops and cover 20% of the viewing area on YouTube.

Bumper Ads: These ads appear between videos and cannot be skipped. They are usually 6 to 10 seconds long.

Sponsor Cards: These cards display the ads based on the videos in your channel. These sponsor cards can be found at the right top corner of the video.

YouTube Red Program

Do you know how much YouTubers make online through YouTube Red? YouTube Red is a subscription based program, starting at 9.99$/month for their most basic model.

The revenue generated through the YouTube Red program is not constant, as the number of viewers and subscribers vary for different channels.

Sponsored Videos

If your YouTube channel has a good number of views and subscribers, there are big brands waiting to sponsor your videos. Usually, larger brands pay up to $5000 if your YouTube video gets more than a million views. These are some of the best tricks that YouTubers use to make money online. Hope this article has provided detailed information on how much YouTubers make online.