4 Common Myths That Affect Your Mobile Marketing Success

Generally, most people use mobile devices to browse the internet, check their emails and use social media. Mobile marketing revolves around the idea that the more your product is visible to the user, the more it will have a positive impact on your sales. However, this mode of marketing is quite controversial, as many new companies are reluctant to adopt fast-changing marketing trends. The marketing industry is very volatile and those that cannot adapt quickly will be majorly affected. Believing in myths can adversely affect the revenue that you generate. Here are four common myths that affect your mobile marketing success.

Myth No.1: Mobile marketing is a fashion.

Mobile marketing is not a passing fad that will fade away. Any investment made in this sector will bring results because mobile computing is here to stay. More users are browsing the web using mobile devices and marketing works best wherever there is potential traffic.

Myth No.2: Transforming your website to suit mobile users is not required.  

Websites that have not made efforts to be more user-friendly for mobile devices have very low revisiting rates. When users get into your website, they must be able to comfortably navigate through your website. You must make sure that the content on your website is attractive, easy to read, and understandable. Failing to do so will result in users making a shift to a website where the content that they are looking for is easier to find and understand. Therefore, create a website that suits mobile devices and provides users with a pleasurable browsing experience.

Myth No.3: An e-mail capture box is not required.

Absence of a capture box reflects low marketing knowledge. Every website, including your own, must include a lead capture advertisement that is eye-catching and click worthy. When the advertisement starts to gain traffic, you can force users to sign up to your email list and offer high-quality, desirable content that they want to view in return. Make sure users are satisfied by the quality of the content so that they do not unsubscribe from the list.

Myth No.4: Personalization does not really matter.

Revisiting is crucial. Do not take users who revisit your website for granted. Customer acquisition is of no use if you do build a base of recurring users. Identify the reasons why people are coming back to your website and make sure that you continue to improve in those areas. Providing returning consumers with special discounts and rewards will encourage them to keep coming back and also spread word about your website.

Mobile marketing is the latest way to ensure that your website does not get lost in the competition. Understanding how users use their devices and what may grab the attention of your target audience will help you increase click-flow and in turn generate revenue for your company.